Learn Customs

I’m definitely guilty of faux pas when I’ve traveled abroad. For instance, when I visited Japan I would frequently stand my chopsticks straight up in a bowl of rice if I wasn’t using them. A native told me that this was a big no-no since it’s how rice is offered to a soul at a funeral! There’s lots of other “chopstick” faux pas, but the point is, you should learn as much as you can about different customs before you enter a foreign country.

Cultural Etiquette

a family at a tourist hut on a beach that sales hats

It’s usually OK to make a few cultural mistakes—the locals expect it. What they won’t tolerate is disrespect. Be considerate and correct your mistakes. Learn as much as you can before you travel.


a woman in a bikini dancing on a beach

Tone down the camera use and crazy clothing and you won’t get strange looks from the locals! Buy clothes at your destination or look online to see what dress will help you blend in.


a woman kneeling on a pile of clothes smiling

Getting lost at a foreign destination is no fun! A GPS device is good, but make sure you have a physical copy of a map. Make sure you know where tourist destination centers are located.

Common Sense

a family of 3 getting off of an airplane all wearing sunglasses

I read a funny article by Christoper Elliot (The Seattle Times) that talked about silly tourists. This gist was use common sense! Think before you speak or act and you’ll be fine when you travel!